Change Is Good

How to Enroll: Stop by or call any banking office to enroll in the program.

  • Must maintain an eligible Visa® Debit Card, Checking account and Savings account with Lafayette Community Bank.
  • Personal checking accounts, Community and Super Saver savings accounts are eligible for the program.
  • All round-up transactions will be aggregated at the end of each business day and the round-up amount transferred to the savings account the folowing day.
  • If any of the transactions create an overdraft, no transfer will take place--regardless of any overdraft protection in place on the account.
  • Interest and service charges will be considered before a round-up transfer is made.
  • If a transaction is returned, the round-up amount will not be reversed.
  • Lafayette Community Bank will match the the rounded amount up to $50 during the first 60 days from the time you enroll in the program.
  • Lafayette Community Bank match will be paid at the end of the 60 day promotional period on accounts that remain open and enrolled.
  • Matching funds will be reported to the IRS on 1099-INT.
  • We reserve the right to modify or cancel the program at any time.



Main Office

Marilyn Metzger
301 South Street

West Lafayette

Kim Clark
1980 Northwestern

North Side

Cathy Stachowicz
2136 Greenbush St

South Side

Justine Thayer
3602 Cougill Lane