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About ATM Safety:

Best practices for staying safe while using an ATM and for protecting your card.

Following some simple guidelines for ATM use can help keep you and your card information safe and secure.

Always observe your surroundings before conducting an ATM transaction. If anything appears suspicious, leave at once. If anyone follows you, go immediately to a crowded area and call the police.

Look for possible fraudulent devices attached to the ATM. If the ATM appears to have any attachments or alterations to the card slot or key pad, do not use the ATM. Report the problem to the ATM owner or your financial institution.

Minimize the time spent at the ATM. Have your card out and ready to use. When the transaction is complete, put your card, money and receipt away and immediately leave the area. Do not count your money while at the ATM.

Be certain that the transaction is complete before leaving.

Keep your doors locked, windows up and engine running when in line at a drive-up ATM. Leave enough room between vehicles to allow for a quick exit should it become necessary.

Avoid an ATM that is poorly lit or obstructed from view.